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 Guest Check-In

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PostSubject: Guest Check-In   Guest Check-In Icon_minitimeFri Feb 12, 2016 1:53 am

Hello, and welcome to the Vertex Hotel.

There are multiple options for accommodations, all of differing prices. Most of the options within the house itself are expected to be in great demand, so booking in advance will guarantee your ideal accommodations.

Options inside the manor house
1. The Deluxe Luxury Bedroom - This is the nicest room in the house proper, what used to be the master bedroom before the hotel was converted. With the original furniture still in use, you will also feel like the lord or lady of the house.
2. Luxury Bedrooms - The other original bedrooms in the manor, what used to be rooms for the lord's other family members and honored guests. These also have the original furniture, though they are of limited quantity (4).
3. Manor Bedrooms - These are the renovated bedrooms in the attic of the house. A bit smaller, and with newer furniture than the other rooms in the house, though ideal for one who wants to stay in the house at a modest price. Also of limited quantity (4).

Guests also have the option of staying out in a renovated rooms in cottages on the property. We are currently finishing up the renovations on these cottages, though most have been completed and are available. Ideal for those who would rather experience the nature of our estate than the history of the house.

All rooms are double occupancy.

If you have any questions about your accommodations or questions about your stay, please feel free to drop by the front desk and speak with Caruthers.

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Minerva Eddington

Minerva Eddington

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PostSubject: Re: Guest Check-In   Guest Check-In Icon_minitimeMon Mar 07, 2016 11:37 am

Please book me a Manor Bedroom.
Thank you. I look forward to my stay

Minerva Eddington
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Guest Check-In
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