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Out of the Corner of Her Eye is a World of Darkness forum rp set in the lovely universe of Agatha Christie novels, with the added twist of a bit of the supernatural.
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 Your Friendly Hotel Staff

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OWNERS and others:

Mr. Bert Carver -- the new owner of The Etherfield Manor. A business man from America, he recently purchased the estate from the Eldridges, and decided to convert it into the Vertex Hotel. Coming from new money, he has some new ideas about the estate and how to update it as a hotel.
Anything odd? Well, he's oddly aggressive... but then again, he is American.
Your Friendly Hotel Staff Bwsog

Nigel Clearwater, the architect currently in charge of renovating the historic manor. Nigel is a somewhat weedy academic-type, and very sure of himself.
Anything odd? No, dull as sand.
Your Friendly Hotel Staff 14awisk

Caruthers -- a stolid old butler-turned-hotel manager with an uncanny resemblance to Mr. Churchill, if Mr. Churchill were in service. Caruthers was absolutely devoted to Etherfield Manor and remains loyal to the new resort, even though he takes a dim view of some of the modifications.
Anything odd? Caruthers is the very picture of respectability.
Your Friendly Hotel Staff 6f8b9u

Cora Forrest -- a practical woman, always seen in practical tweeds with a practical clipboard in hand. Nothing escapes her notice.
Anything odd? She's an astonishingly perceptive woman, as stated. She makes you think of Sherlock Holmes.
Your Friendly Hotel Staff 2hdtydf

Mrs. Hannah Bridges -- a no-nonsense cook who will gladly talk your ear off about her displeasure at all the changes 'ere 'bouts.
Anything odd? Well, not "odd" per se... She does seem to have a lot of "fairy stories" rattling around in her otherwise practical head.
Your Friendly Hotel Staff 2vak37d

Drake -- a friendly groundskeeper. A tall man, with shaggy hair and a wild, tangled beard, who will gladly chat with you for hours about his dogs or horses.
Anything odd? No, you don't think so... Though he does call to mind the wild men and green knights of old, doesn't he?
Your Friendly Hotel Staff 302q8o8

Sarah Moffat -- see profile
Dorothy "Dot" Williams -- see profile
Gladys Cleary -- a nice but daydreamy young scullery maid; Bridges is often yelling at her to get her head out of the clouds.
Anything odd? No, a simple, sweet girl.
Your Friendly Hotel Staff Nnw7xv

Tobey Flint -- not the sharpest knife in the drawer, is our Tobey. A gullible bellboy, Tobey will be happy to help any guest, and hear all about their travels or wild theories.
Anything odd? If the Darwin Awards qualify.
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Your Friendly Hotel Staff
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