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Out of the Corner of Her Eye is a World of Darkness forum rp set in the lovely universe of Agatha Christie novels, with the added twist of a bit of the supernatural.
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 Eustace "Stacey" Seyfried

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Name: Eustace "Stacey" Seyfried

Played By: Eve

Profession: Radio Performer (and "crazy" ghost investigator)

Height: 6'0"

Build: Broad-shouldered, but a bit on the thin side. He would look rather imposing, if he worked out and wiped that persistent grin off his face. He also has a super-long stride; good luck keeping up when he's after something.

Age: 34

Eye Color: Super light blue; almost frost colored, in the right light.

Hair: Blond. Despite his best attempts to keep it combed, it always ends up a disheveled mess.

Appearance: This strange man is almost always smiling as he ambles about in his courderoy jackets (all of which are a bit battered and patched up due to a variety of "adventures") and his polished walking cane--which he doesn't seem to need, seeing as he doesn't limp or anything. His pockets are usually bulging with odd trinkets and scribbled notes. Though usually easy-going, he'll bolt without a moment's notice if something catches his interest. And while not appearance-related, he has a distinctly deep and resonant voice, one instantly familiar to those who tune into the radio...or his speeches on ghost theories.

Anything Odd?: He often has this day-dreaming look, as if he sees something off in the distance or just over one's shoulder. And that's just if one sees him in passing; anyone who spends more than a few minutes around him will likely hear his theories on ghosts, the afterlife, spiritualist theories, and so forth. He might even share some of the "evidence" he keeps in his pockets, including his notebook of "automatic writing" discussions with ghosts, or strange sketches (his artistic skills are...questionable).

Public Knowledge: While not much is known about the reclusive Seyfrieds (other than that they are rich and reclusive in equal measure), it is known that Stacey is the black sheep, for a number of reasons. It started with traveling in his youth, from which he somehow ambled into his current role as a radio performer (he currently voices the explorer Jack McNally in the eponymous broadcast). His voice is the only thing more well-known than his crazy theories; he's a hardcore member of the spiritualist movement, and is insistent on the existence of ghosts and methods to contact them. He's quite outspoken about this, to the point where there have been attempts on his life.
...In fact, rumor has it he did die once. But he didn't stay dead. Stacey himself claims this to be true, and that he came back with "help from the beyond," but many argue that he's a medical marvel with some brain damage from his "near-death experience".

Other Skills: Often badgers his way into many places one would avoid frequenting. Able to fend off attackers with a good whack of his cane. Also brews the most questionable tea blends in history--common sense dictates to avoid at all cost.
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Eustace "Stacey" Seyfried
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