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Out of the Corner of Her Eye is a World of Darkness forum rp set in the lovely universe of Agatha Christie novels, with the added twist of a bit of the supernatural.
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Lord Christopher Eldridge, MP -- a current member of Parliament, Lord Eldridge is the previous owner of the Etherfield Manor. Though at one point a very prosperous gentry family, the Eldridges were hit by the economic downturn, and, since the Great War, have been selling off their grand estate piece by piece. The house and gardens, the last piece, were recently sold off to Bert Carver. Lord Eldridge now resides in London.
Anything odd? The man seems unusually gaunt and pale... Perhaps it is age, or perhaps he hasn't been well since his wife passed away. He rarely cracks a smile, but that's surely due to the latter.
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Dickon Beaver
The unfortunately named proprietor of the even more unfortunately named local pub, the Rooster & Kitten. Despite that, Dickon is a good-hearted country boy who's always happy to lend an ear or give advice to tourists, like any proper publican. Dickon has never ventured far beyond the town near the Eldridge estate, and the Beaver family has a long history of living in Deering Vale.
Anything odd? Other than his ridiculous name? Not really.
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Chief Inspector James Japp
Scotland Yard's best and brightest, though like many chief inspectors he is frequently upstaged by eccentric amateur sleuths. Will circumstances call him away from his London office to the wilds of the former Eldridge Estate? Only time will tell.
Anything odd? As if.
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Other NPCs
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